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Toko Borneo Wallpaper

Wallpaper Sticker 2
Wallpaper Sticker 2
Wallpaper Sticker 2
Wallpaper Sticker 2
Wallpaper Sticker 2
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Specification of

Cheap and quality wallpaper stickers
Self adhesive wallpaper
45cmx wide UK wallpaper 10m long
Weight of 1 roll of 1 kg
1 roll can cover an area of ​​about 4.5m square
Non transparent, waterproof PVC material, there is already an adhesive to stick it out, it is strong and durable
- affordable prices
- DIY (Do It Yourself), can install it yourself without the help of experts
- can be installed in all media with a flat surface for example: cabinets, refrigerators, glass, ETC.
- practical and economical because it doesn't need glue anymore
How to install
1. Measure the area you want to paste
2. Wipe the surface so that it is free of dust.
3. Scissors to the surface.
4. Open the adhesive cover paper behind it partially first
5. Position the wallpaper / sticker on the wall
6. Paste and flatten with a cloth while removing the remaining adhesive cover

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